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Neon Garden Films

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
― Aristotle

Once in a while, you meet certain individuals that not only make you excited about life but also about the pursuit of your dreams and aspirations. That is exactly the feeling that I felt when I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing trio of ladies in the DFW video and film industry. Their names are Jasnik, Jasmine, and Ashley. They Co-Founded "Neon Garden Films" together.

Neon Garden Films is a media company that is changing how emerging artists and businesses are showcased, through a more organic and personal representation. I had the opportunity to discuss the brand with one of the Co-Founders,  Jasnik, and here is what she had to say.

Can you tell us a little-bit about yourselves and your brand?
We all met in college - UTA - Ashley and I had every class together freshman year so it was easy to wiggle my way into a friendship. We became friends with Jasmine almost near the end of our college run but we each worked on projects together that made us think, “hm, there’s a very natural flow here.” Jasmine thrives in post production with her key attention to detail and movement in each cut but she’s not very keen for on-set stuff. Meanwhile, I’m all about that chaotic and quick decision life that is being on set, I wasn’t gifted with much patience for editing. And of course, we wouldn’t have Neon Garden Films without Ashley. She’s very much the business woman that runs and organizes all our work and what makes us an official business.

What inspired you to start this brand?
We all had a class in college that we were required to take. It was designed to show you how to network and become a real life film person! We went to a several of networking events that had a more seasoned filmmakers. It was kinda exhausting to try and connect because it seemed like everyone was looking for people with more experience or if you knew someone big already. It didn’t seem very open to new faces as they wanted to seem. So we figured, “hey, why not just stick together, help each other out and just maybe we can grow as a unit.” Hence, the Garden part of our name. We figured other young artists might feel the same way so we want to make it clear that they are part of the garden too (cheesy?) and we’re here to help.

How do you manage to find the artists that you feature on your platforms?
Right now we are basing it off the talented people we are so fortunate to know! We are trying to cover people when they have something to promote specifically. We’re hoping in the future to reach out to more artists that we would like to get to know and collaborate with. Hopefully once we have enough exposure, we can get strangers interested in being covered or even have people reach out to us for a shout out.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered in trying to grow your brand and spotlight artists?
I think the biggest challenge, at least for me personally, is that I have all these large ideas that I either have to hold off on or manipulate to fit within a no budget parameter (unsuccessfully as I’m sure Ashley and Jasmine will tell you). That goes hand in hand with wanting to pay the wonderful people that are helping us but obviously money is limited since we just started. Hopefully that will change within the next few years.

 What is it like interviewing all these different artists and learning more about them through their stories?
Oh I love it! Especially since most of the artists we’ve interviewed (you included), I didn’t know personally all that well. So after the interview I’ve felt more comfortable reaching out and there’s comfort in discovering a possible collaborator. In fact! Bear, one of the artists we spotlighted, helped me on a music video set as my assistant when we were tight on set dressers. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear people talk about their passion and I find it really rewarding to publicly declare “I love what this person does, please look at their cool stuff!” Camaraderie at its finest!

What do you hope to achieve through your brand and everything else you are doing with it?
We want to grow as artists and help others grow as well. We want to consistently practice our craft and make work we are proud of. All three of us have our own individual goals as artists and we want to cheer each other on as we get there thanks to the work we are making together.

How has everything you have done so far though this brand impacted you, both as an artist and business owner?
Again, just speaking for myself, I think so far it’s helped me think more professionally in a way school never taught me. I never intended to have a business, but I felt comfortable with Ashley’s leadership to do just that. I never really think about the possibilities of post production, but Jasmine has opened my eyes to creative ways to elevate my work through editing. I feel more confident as an artist with these two having my back. I also feel good about helping small business like ourselves promote themselves through social media. A tool I always understood the power of, yet never took it seriously until I had something to put out there and I gotta admit it’s pretty fun.

In what ways can people interested in being a part of your movement help?
The best thing to do is tell any one of us that you want to help. Let us know what you like doing too. We’re always looking for people to help on set depending on the project and timeline. Or even if you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer - whatever - there’s always a way to collaborate. It’s also a huge help to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and like our posts and share them. It helps us gain exposure if you tell your friends about us because someone you know might know someone that needs something we can provide. The artist community is a beautiful web of connections waiting to be made.

Where can people find you as well as learn more about all the amazing the projects that you are doing?
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @neongardenfilms or follow us on our personal social media to see what each individual is up to.

Artist Spotlight Interview by Neon Garden Films. See more on their Youtube channel

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