Alien Rebels - New DFW T-shirt Brand - I WANT THAT WHOLE LOOK

Alien Rebels - New DFW T-shirt Brand

Hello wonderful people!
I am excited to share with you my new T-shirt line "Alien Rebels" that is now available for purchase online at It is a unisex brand that carries both t-shirts for men and women ranging in sizes Small to X-Large. Currently we only have one design but I promise you there will be so much more to come. Why Alien Rebels? Does the brand have anything to do with Aliens? No, not at all.....Here is the story behind the brand.

For most of her life, she was called an "Alien Citizen." She moved from one country to another because her father was a diplomat from Zimbabwe. After high school she came to the US to study Accounting. She enjoyed Accounting but her true passion was always to be a Fashion Designer, a discipline that was not supported by anyone in her family or community.

 Many years later, after she had graduated with an Accounting degree and worked in the corporate world, she realized that she had not been following the true current of her life. She decided that from then on she would start flying her own flag by only pursuing her true desires and aspirations. It was then that she truly became alive and her journey to becoming a Fashion Designer began. She embraced everything about herself that made her different, her unaccepted passion to be a fashion designer, and all her views and perspectives of life that alienated her from those around her. She broke free from the chains of society, her own fears, and living a life of pleasing everyone else but herself. Thus the the brand was created to encourage all the other "Alien Rebels" around the world to fly their own flags.

Alien Rebels promotes good vibes only and a life that honors your true self. You have to fly your own flag first before others can celebrate your uniqueness.

 I hope you join the movement!


  1. I'm loving the idea behind this. Great movement, and lovely designs!