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Afrocentric Fashion

Gone are the days when what we referred to as Afro-Inspired fashion was something only worn by the much older generation of moms and grandmothers. I remember growing up wanting nothing to do with that kind of fashion. It was old, boring and frankly too much. The garments were often two piece items with a lot of fabric incorporated into each design. However with a new generation of many talented and young designers hailing from the motherland, the perception of Afro-inspired fashion has taken a whole new platform in the fashion industry.

These young designers have manged to create designs that are fused with their traditions and heritage but with a modern edge. You can still wear these clothes made from fabric that has bold and vibrant colors and still be cool, hippie or chic. It is that modern edge that a lot of these designs now have, which allows you to wear pieces with this ethnically inspired print and still be able to go about your daily business, work, errands, etc without looking like you just stepped out of a museum.

Some styles I absolutely love! They are both modern yet still Afrocentric




Designers to Know

Some of my favorite designers and labels who are just amazing at working with this kind of print are  Mory Jay, Duro Olowu, Stella Jean, Deola Sagoe, Kisua, Kaela Kay, The African Shop, NeoBantu, and Eki Orleans. These are just some of my favorite but there are so many other ones out there that I did not mention.

Eki Orleans

Duro Olowu


                                                                       The African Shop



                                                                   Stella Jean

New to Afro-Inspired prints & Where to Begin

So assuming you are new to this whole African print style phenomena but you are interested in incorporating some prints in into your style. Where do you begin? I would say start by adding printed accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, etc into your looks without overwhelming yourself. Eventually graduate to incorporating pieces like a printed a bottom with a plain top, or vice-versa. Before you know it you will be a pro at styling and wearing prints.

Please don't limit yourself only to the mermaid skirt silhouette when you think of African print inspired outfits. Personally I feel like some people tend to over do it when it comes to that specific design. It seems to be one of the most requested silhouette design from custom designers as well by clients. Explore other designs, there is so much more that the bold print can do.

I know that there is so much to come as the fashion industry evolves with the new era of a global fusion of cultures and styles. Do not be afraid to try new things, and boldly step out in style. Why fit in, stand out and try new things.

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    1. Hi. Great blog. How do I get a feature on your blog?

    2. Hi. Great blog. How do I get a feature on your blog?

  2. I really adore this!! I saw similar outfits drawn from African inspiration back in 2009 at a fashion show benefitting aids. I love the look and it's awesome for summer!

  3. These are all really cute styles. They put me to shame as an African �� But I find it amazing that fashion is now incorporating African designs and making them work for everyone.

    SN it's also nice to see some (formerly) accounting beauty and lifestyle bloggers ��

    1. It makes me so happy too because we are so talented as a nation! We need to embrace and celebrate our culture through our clothes.