From Dopey to Dapper - I WANT THAT WHOLE LOOK

From Dopey to Dapper

My uncle, who is a very successful business man, once said to me that he has a great appreciation for fashion but has no idea how to be fashionable. One of my brothers in particular, is very picky about what he wears, and has a great sense of style. The mystery man in my life and that particular brother have started new careers, thus I know that this information will be very informative to them. It is sometimes overwhelming for guys when they have to transition their wardrobe from college dressing to work attire. I have come to realize that this is a milestone point that a lot of men dread. It is a time when they become more appreciative of that fashionable woman in their life, who can help ease the nightmare of going to the mall by themselves, with no clue of where to start.

One of the greatest mistakes that guys do is wear clothes that do not fit them. They wear over sized  clothes which look like hand me downs from their grandfather or father's closet.  It is important for a guy to know his waist and pants length size to get a perfect fit ideal for his individual body. For example one could have a 32''/34" pant size i.e waist is 32'' and length of legs is 34". Stick to that size for both dress pants and casual pants if that is what fits you well. Same goes with shirts, it is important to know what your collar and sleeve lengths measurements are. Use a tape measure to figure this all out if you have no idea. I promise you this will make shopping so much easier for you once you already know what your size is.  Next step is deciding weather the classical fit, regular fit, or slim fit is the right cut for you. If you are slim built I suggest the "slim fit".

Knowledge is power

Now that you have an idea of your perfect size then go out and buy the basic essentials to building that great wardrobe. This guide might help.

Empowered decisions

The final step is to get a couple of shirts (whites, blues) and pants( greys, black) that you can mix and match if you are starting a professional life.

The suit makes the man

The grand finale is the perfect suit. You just need two suits that fit you perfectly in my opinion and you are good to go. All you need is a suit that is tailored to your frame and that fits you impeccably well.

Good-luck guys!